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On the Elementary game field, the robot will help managing ship waste, restore coral areas and rescue a whale from a shallow area in the sea.

  1. EDUBOT Certified Pre-Owned Products are pre-owned EV3 Sets that undergo EDUBOT's stringent testing and inspection process prior to being offered for sale. 
  2. Only Official LEGO EDUCATION by Sasbadi Learning Solutions are offered as EDUBOT Certified Pre-Owned Products.
  3. Every electronic part is placed with the Official Sasbadi Hologram Sticker for Official use such as for competitions. 
  4. These products have been used for students workshops or as Demonstration Display units. They are like new condition, with minimal used marks, and with no defects. 
  5. 60-Days Guarantee for Electronic Components (Warranty T&C Applies)

Can be used in all categories for National Robotics Competition Malaysia (NRC) and World Robotics Olympiad (WRO). The bricks in one box, which is used together with 45811 WRO Brick Set, are enough to construct all LEGO objects for one Relugar Category challenge.


On the Elementary game field, the robot will help managing ship waste, restore coral areas and rescue a whale from a shallow area in the sea.


On the Senior game field, the robot will help to load and unload ships, fuel them and pilot them to open sea

LEGO® Learning System

Part of the LEGO® Learning System

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential is part of the LEGO® Learning System, and ensures a progression of learning year after year, starting in the lower grades and progressing to the upper primary grades. The consistent unit structure builds a strong foundation for easy progression into secondary education and more advanced learning opportunities with SPIKE Prime.

The LEGO® Learning System is an intuitive, inclusive, and highly adaptable hands-on learning system. It future-proofs students’ skills, and makes them confident life-long learners by giving them unlimited possibilities for hands-on, playful STEAM learning.


Education With Simulation

Robotics is a great way to learn about programming, and an even more powerful tool for teaching STEM subjects.

Simulation is an effective means for understanding how physical concepts like force and motion come to play in real life.

Unleash your imagination and creativity 

Simulation can provide a much greater variety of challenges and environments.



- Split an atom in the palm of your hand
- Discover how much energy you need to knock down a wall
- Experiment with gravity on Earth and in space and much more!


- Build a bot - Meet a life-sized humanoid robot
- Fly a drone
- Battle with bots The Augmented Reality (AR) series is a compilation of titles that bring pages to life.


*Drive the Mars Rover around your floor!
*Ride the Lunar Elevator to the Moon!
*See the Solar System laid out before you!


ORIGINAL, 1 YEAR Warranty by LEGO Education Malaysia
Malaysia Competition Certified - NRC, FLL, etc
Ideal Learning tool for children to pick-up STEAM + Coding knowledge
FREE building Instructions - Guided + EASY START for your children